Rock Island Hopes to Turn Vacant Lots into Family Homes

Jun 12, 2018

Credit City of Rock Island

Rock Island wants to fill some vacant lots with homes and families. Tuesday night, the city will kick off the H.O.M.E. Program.

Chandler Poole, Director of Community and Economic Development, says the city will sell the lots for 5 dollars to people who are willing to build homes on them.

"What we see in the neighborhood, is we see people are now investing in our neighborhoods. They're putting in a new house. No longer a city lot, that's sitting there, not paying any real estate taxes, not doing anything for the neighborhood. Now there's going to be a single family home on it; a family will move into it. You start to see investment into our neighborhoods."

 The prospective homeowner has to apply, qualify for a loan, and have the city approve the plans for a new house.

Poole says once the application is approved, construction has to start within 6 months, and the family must live in the new home for at least 5 years. Rock Island has 27 lots that are good candidates for the home program.

The H.O.M.E. Fair will be held at the King Center Tuesday night beginning at 6 PM, including city staff, lenders, and home builders.