McCombie Introduces Bills to Boost Economy

Feb 26, 2018

A Savanna state lawmaker wants to help Illinois create jobs and retain workers. Representative Tony McCombie has introduced three bills in the House to boost economic development in the state.

IL State Rep. Tony McCombie
Credit file / WVIK News

McCombie says one of the measures is an Employer and Community College Tax Credit that would address the skills gap. As an example, she cites an internship program at Sauk Valley Community College that helps fill maintenance positions at the Walmart Distribution Center.

Another bill is modeled after Iowa's first-time homebuyer savings accounts. McCombie says qualified Illinois residents would be able to get annual tax credits on money saved for downpayments, up to $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for couples.

And the Illinois Manufacturers Association asked McCombie to introduce a third bill. Qualifying companies would receive a 25% tax credit for creating or retaining jobs.