Hein Memorial Highway

Sep 7, 2018

A memorial to an eastern Iowa soldier killed in Vietnam will be unveiled this weekend. On Sunday, classmates of Gary Hein will dedicate four signs along a stretch of Highway 130 between Davenport and Tipton. 

According to Wes Moeller, Hein graduated from Bennett High School in 1966, and was drafted, went into the Army, and was sent to Vietnam, where he died in 1969.

Moeller says fundraising for the memorial was easy.

"Our classmates, they all jumped on board enthusiastically, and we've got more than enough money to pay for the signs. And the rest of the money has been held in, or is going to be held in, an account, for future repairs or replacements if necessary. So, hopefully the signs will be up for quite a while."

He says it took about a year to get the approvals of all the local governments along the 35 mile stretch of highway, and for the Iowa Department of Transportation to make the signs. The four signs, each measuring 3 feet by 6 feet, will say "Specialist 5 Gary L. Hein Memorial Highway."

"And hopefully these signs are not just a tribute to Gary, but a reminder to everybody that there are lots of people just like Gary that gave their life for our country and for us."

 The dedication ceremony will be held at the Legion Hall in Bennett, Sunday (9/9) at 5:00 pm.