Cook-Off to Kick Off Commercial Kitchen

Sep 6, 2018

A local agency and church have teamed up to help cooks become entrepreneurs. Tomorrow in Rock Island, the Palomares Social Justice Center and St. John's Lutheran Church will host a cook-off competition to kick-off their new, "Catalyst Kitchen."

Terry Stimpson, from Palomares, says a group called Global Communities, which is affiliated with the John Deere Foundation, gave the center a grant to create a commercial kitchen at St. John's. The church was looking for ways to increase services in the surrounding neighborhood.

The cook-off will feature tacos, tamales, enchiladas, and other dishes made by several cooks who have already taken advantage of the Catalyst Kitchen. It's also a fundraiser for a family who lost all their belongings in a fire at their home in Rock Island's Keystone neighborhood. 

The Palomares-St. John's Catalyst Kitchen Cook-Off will ber held on Friday from 5 until 7 P.M. at St. John's Lutheran Church at 4501 7th Avenue, Rock Island.