Wild Goose Chase

An expert may be hired to help the Moline Park Board clean up around the Ben Butterworth Parkway and Riverside Park. Thursday afternoon the board will consider hiring a company from Chicago called Wild Goose Chase to help solve its geese problem.

Dr. Stephen Hager

This winter, fewer bald eagles are spending time along the Mississippi River near the Quad Cities. Michelle O'Neill reports the reason may be mild weather plus other factors.

Illinois Dept. of Agriculture

The state is preparing to fight an invasive species in northern Illinois again this year. And starting Monday it will hold meetings to explain the Gypsy Moth treatment program.

Princeton Sidewalk & Trails Committee

Feb 22, 2020

Scott County Develops a Walk Audit Tool Kit

Feb 15, 2020

Quad Cities National Weather Service

For the second year in a row, the risk of major flooding on the Mississippi River is high. Today, the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities released its first Spring Flood Outlook.

Michelle O'Neill reports the agency held a press conference at its office in Davenport following last year's record flood. 

Steve Hager

Bird watchers and nature lovers didn't find as many birds during the recent Christmas Bird Count. And wildlife biologist and consultant, Kelly McKay, probably knows why but needs more information to help identify long term trends. 

Bi-State Regional Trails Committee

Feb 1, 2020

Switching to Solar

Jan 25, 2020


Jan 18, 2020