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Hunt Harris Photography Exhibit

Sep 15, 2014
Hunt Harris

Using a special technique, a Quad Cities man has photographed some of the best-known locations in Dubuque. Gallery C in Dubuque is now exhibiting photographs of the city by Hunt Harris, using an infra-red camera. To get infrared photographs, Harris had a special filter installed on one of his cameras. He says it's good for black and white, not color, and it darkens water and sky, but lightens foliage and buildings.

Wood Turning at the Figge

Sep 15, 2014
WVIK Staff

      A large-scale wood sculpture was created outside of the Figge Art Museum. 
      For the past month, Irish wood artist, Liam O'Neill has been turning a tree trunk into a wooden throne.  O'Neill transformed the outside of the Figge into his own woodshop, complete with a woodturning lathe he constructed out of concrete. He used to use chainsaws, sandblasting, and torching to turn the locally sourced tree trunk into a six-foot-long sculpture. 


Riverssance Harley Award winners, ceramicist Megan Quinn & painter Kristin Quinn.

Founder and co-owner of Paragon Commercial Interiors, Dana Wilkinson.

Sculptor Gene Tully and pastellist Heidi Draley McFall talk about Voices from the Warehouse in Dubuque.

Bruce Carter talks with sculptor Dean Kugler.  

Musician Lewis Knudsen.

Fiber artist and art professor Rowen Schussheim-Anderson.


On the first Wednesday of every month, the sound of drums echoes through a shop in downtown Rock Island. Teranga House of Diversity hosts a drum circle where people can learn to play the djembe. 

Art Talks: Josh Duffee

Jul 31, 2014

Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival Music Director Josh Duffee.