Radish on the Radio

Friday mornings during Morning Edition

Credit Photo: Tim Sackton (Flickr)

Radish magazine and WVIK have partnered to produce a regular radio segment called Radish on the Radio. Each new Radish on the Radio episode will be premiered on Friday mornings during Morning Edition on WVIK. The episode will subsequently be re-broadcast during All Things Considered and Weekend Edition, as well as become available to stream right here.

Every episode of Radish on the Radio will focus on individuals in our region at work in local foods, environmental stewardship, and building healthy and resilient communities. Radish magazine is geared to reflect lifestyle choices that lead to self-renewal and renewal of resources, and includes information, news, and advice on diet, cooking, health, and fitness. Radish is published monthly by the Moline Dispatch Company and distributed free at farmers' markets, food stores, fitness clubs, libraries, and health-care facilities.
Radish on the Radio is made possible by the Singh Family Charitable Giving Fund, working to promote a diverse natural ecology through education and conservation. 

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