Turning Waste Into Wages: Biowaste Conversion Plant Proposed in Rock Falls

Jan 31, 2017

Rock Falls may soon turn bio-waste into business. Last week, city leaders met with officials of a company named Green Vision to discuss the possible building of a solid waste conversion plant in the city.

The company uses a process called Hydrothermal Liquefaction to turn waste products from city sewer systems into bio-crude oil, clean water, and other farming and industrial products.

Rock Falls Economic Development Director, Gary Camarano, says the plant would help Rock Falls fix its waste problems.

"One of the problems with our region is that the flow into the Mississippi  is creating algae blooms that are detrimental. By taking care of it here, converting it into product that can be actually used, we're eliminating that waste going down into the Mississippi."

The proposed plant would cost nearly $13 million to build, and would be located near Rock Falls' waste water treatment plant. And it would create over 100 jobs. 

City leaders are now considering possible help for Green Vision, including tax abatements.