'Talking Art' with Chris Rayburn and Tim Schiffer

Dec 16, 2019

An exhibit featuring photographs by Chris Rayburn, watercolors by Tim Schiffer, and glass works by John Miller will be displayed Dec 13, 2019 through Jan 24, 2020 at the Quad City Arts’ Rock Island Gallery.

Chris Rayburn is the retired President/CEO of W.G. Block Co., although he took master level classes in printmaking with the acclaimed printmaker Mauricio Lasansky and worked in the art world in New York City prior to embarking on his business career.  His large-scale photographs, from the series Transplanted, are assemblages of photos of tree trunks growing in urban, unnatural settings.  Smaller photographs from his Post Cards from Parking Lots are also on display.  

Tim Schiffer is the previous Executive Director of the Figge Art Museum, who earned an undergraduate degree in Painting from Yale and an MFA from UC Santa Barbara prior to his highly regarded museum career. His watercolors, completed in the past 18 months, are beautiful still lifes featuring fall leaves, fine art postcards, and other carefully arranged objects.

Listen to our conversation here with Chris Rayburn and Tim Schiffer about the inspiration behind their work, and the joy inherent in creating art outside of the careers that previously defined them.

Quad City Arts is located at 1715 2nd Avenue in Rock Island.  Hours are Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM and Sat 11AM-5PM.

You can view more of Chris Rayburn’s work on-line.

The stunning creations by the glass artist John Miller, who was not interviewed but whose work is included in the exhibit, can be viewed here.