Pro-Trump Protestors March on Downtown Rock Island

Jan 6, 2021

Today, protestors took to the streets of downtown Rock Island to demonstrate against the confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden’s win.


Protestors met at the Rock Island County Republican Headquarters and marched to the county office building, chanting “USA” and “stop the steal.” 


Roxanne Croegaert of Milan says she doesn’t believe President Donald Trump lost the election. 

“We believe that he rightfully won the election. We do believe that there’s enough shenanigans and voters fraud and ballot harvesting and… We are not going to complacently sit by and let this happen. We at least want to make our voice heard. We made our voice heard at the ballot box, but that wasn’t good enough, and it was taken away from us. Our sacred vote did not matter.”

There has been no evidence of election fraud.