Nuclear Power Plant Appears Prepared for Disasters

Dec 7, 2018

The Cordova nuclear plant is ready to respond to a number of emergencies. On Tuesday, representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency tested the Quad Cities Generating Station during its bi-annual preparedness exercise. Besides 800 Exelon workers, first responders and others from four counties and two states participated.

Brandy Donaldson, Sr. Nuclear Site Communications Specialist, Exelon Quad Cities Generating Station, Cordova, IL
Credit submitted / Quad Cities Generating Station

Plant spokeswoman, Brandy Donaldson, says FEMA presented a variety of scenarios during the drill. For example, a "site-wide" exercise lasted 30 to 45 minutes. And when all workers were accounted for, they went back to work.

She says departments were also tested for their knowledge, preparation, and response to specific disasters or threats, such as radiological, security, and weather.

Donaldson says the preliminary results were satisfactory without any failures. FEMA will release the full results of the drill at the Cordova nuclear plant after they've been analyzed.