Mayor Appoints 4 to Civil Rights Commission

Apr 24, 2019

After removing four members of the group, Mayor Frank Klipsch has filled the empty seats on the Davenport Civil Rights Commission. 

Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch
Credit WVIK News / WVIK Quad Cities NPR

Klipsch has appointed: - Linda Gilman, a counselor who works with families and caregivers of patients with dementia,- Erie Johnson, a local attorney who also serves on the Salvation Army Advisory Board,- Michael Liendo, a software engineer and organizer of QC Coders, - and Ruby Mateos, a public health manager and doctor of Public Health in Advocacy and Leadership.

Currently, Johnson serves on Davenport's Affirmative Action Commission, and Mateos serves on the Housing Commission. They will both step down if confirmed for the Civil Rights Commission.

The city council will decide whether to confirm the appointees at their meeting on Wednesday, April 24th.