Fawell Prepares to Challenge Bustos

Mar 19, 2018

William "Bill" Fawell
Credit Fawell for Congress / website

Un-opposed in Tuesday's GOP primary, Bill Fawell is preparing to start his campaign for congress in earnest next month. From Galena, he'll run against democratic incumbent Cheri Bustos in Illinois' 17th District.

He's also working on the first bill he'll propose if elected. Fawell believes federal agencies like the EPA and Department of Education have too much power, and he wants to return this power to the states where it belongs.

"And you'll find in every state and virtually every county or group of counties - we have an EPA, we have a Department of Education, we have Health and Human Services. All these things already exist on the state level. All we're doing with these federal agencies is impeding these state organizations."

He also supports term limits - four terms for House members and two terms for the Senate.

Fawell moved to Galena 25 years ago, from the Chicago area, and has worked in construction, real estate, and as a stone mason.

He says he grew up in the republican party, but ran for the 17th District seat in 2014 as a write-in Libertarian candidate. He's returned to the GOP because Illinois makes it so hard for third parties to get on the ballot.