Different Vote Totals, But the Same Results

Oct 15, 2019

The totals are slightly different, but the overall results are the same, after a recount of votes from last week's mayoral primary election in Davenport. Tuesday a hand recount of the ballots ended, advancing Mike Matson and Rita Rawson to the general election next month.

Finishing third last week was Dan Portes, and he finished third again in the recount. He was eight votes behind Rawson last week, and now fell short by 10 votes.

According to Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz, the recount found one voter error that resulted in one additonal vote for Rawson, and a clerical error in which 34 votes were not correctly marked causing the tabulation machines to give incorrect votes to the candidates.

Correcting the error added votes for the top three candidates but lowered the results for the other three.