Davenport Applies for Another Downtown Historic District

Jan 22, 2020

Credit National Park Service

Davenport hopes creating another historic district will lead to even more development downtown. Wednesday night, the city council will consider backing an application for the National Register of Historic Places.

Kyle Carter, Executive Director of the Downtown Davenport Partnership, says the application is for what he calls the "core" of downtown - from 2nd to 5th Streets, and between Perry and Western. 

"But it's not just about historic tax credits - I mean there really is a civic pride element to this. We've discovered all kinds of fascinating bits of history about properties that I didn't know before that the public will have access to - just some really cool stuff - there's a lot here to be proud of historically."

Carter says some downtown buildings are already on the National Register, including the Davenport Bank and Kahl Building, but having the whole district included would be even better. 

"A property for instance like Mac's Tavern might be considered a contributing property to the district and then qualify for all these financial benefits. It would not be significant enough to be individually listed like the building next door, the Col."

Once the city council has approved the application, it goes to the state, and then to the National Park Service, where Carter hopes it can be approved by the summer. 

Already on the National Register is a section of downtown Davenport called "Motor Row" which includes the eastern ends of 2nd and 3rd streets.