Annual Christmas Tree Raised by TaxSlayer Center

Nov 7, 2019

The 30 foot tall tree being placed into the ground by a crane.
Credit Zach Wilson, WVIK News

For the 26th year, downtown Moline will enjoy its very own Christmas tree. Thursday morning, the TaxSlayer Center used a crane to raise the tree, which is 30 to 35 feet tall. 

Kevin Snodgrass, Director of Operations at the TaxSlayer Center, says with a tree that size, you're going to need a lot of lights.

"I'm guessing with this tree, we'll probably have between 30,000-36,000 lights on it when it's all said and done. It'll take my guys the next couple of weeks to get it all ready for the lighting on the 23rd, but, it's a labor of love."

The tree was donated by the Regency Place Condo Association in East Moline, where it was getting too big for the property.

The tree arriving in downtown Moline. It received a police escort to the TaxSlayer Center.
Credit Zach Wilson, WVIK News

The annual "Lighting on the Commons" ceremony will be held later this month, on the 23rd from 3:30 to 6:00 at John Deere Commons in Moline.