Teachers Union and School Board Resume Talks

Jan 1, 1970

Galesburg teachers continued to picket today, while their students stayed at home. The union and school board met with a federal mediator for four hours Sunday, but couldn't reach agreement to end the strike.

Tami Qualls, spokeswoman for the Galesburg Education Association, says the union's top priority is to keep veteran teachers from being fired without just cause.

"Three years ago when we were negotiating, we went back to school without a contract and went until almost the end of November before that was resolved. It was on the eve before we were going to be striking again, so we feel like we need to be protected and make sure that educators are protected from unfair situations like that."

Qualls has been teaching English for 27 years, and says the language in the contract is more important than a pay raise.

A spokeman for the Galesburg Board of Education could not be reached for comment.

Tomorrow, the Galesburg Education Association and the school board will work with a mediator again to try and end the strike.