Rumler to Lead QC Chamber

Mar 12, 2018

Paul Rumler
Credit Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce

The new leader of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce will not need much time to get oriented to the job and this area. Monday the chamber announced the hiring of Paul Rumler to be the president and ceo, starting next month.

Rumler has worked for two years for the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce in Michigan, now serving as the chief strategy officer. Prior to that he spent ten years with the Quad Cities chamber.

"I have a real passion for the Quad Cities area and believe that it can be that beacon for talent in business and really be a growing and thriving community. And I'm looking forward to being in a leadership position, like at the chamber of commerce, to help see it through."

Grand Rapids is one of the top cities in the US when it comes to economic growth, and Rumler says he's learned from that how to anticipate what might happen in the future. 

"We have to project forward what our members will need, and where our community is going to make sure we're providing those resources and taking all the opportunities possible to capture the moment."

During his years with the Quad Cities chamber, and its predecessor organizations, he worked on  talent attraction and retention, community development, public policy, and economic development

Rumler is scheduled to start here on April 16th.