New Sculpture Installed in Longview Park

Jul 9, 2018

Quad City Arts has installed a new sculpture in Rock Island's Longview Park. "Chorus" by Jan Dean is the latest installment in Quad City Arts rotating sculpture program.

Dean says that her scuplture, with its bright blue tentacles reaching toward a central point, represents community.

"And they all rise to aspire to whatever it is they seek, and they find community in that shared aspiration."

Quad City Arts finds artists for the rotating scuplture program. It also coordinates the installation and moving of the sculptures. The program's goal is to bring art to the people all over the Quad Cities.

Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms says the program improves the city.

"Well, I think it's outstanding they've improved not only this park, but all parts of the city of Rock Island. They're out at the library, out at Centennial Briddge,  in downtown Rock Island, they're up by Five Points, and so it's a number of different spots," Thoms says. "It improves the community overall, helps with the culture, and exposing people to different things."

"Chorus" and the five other sculptures featured in this year's rotating sculpture program officially go on display July 11th.