Food Insecurity in the QC

Mar 1, 2018

How to help college students, and others, who are not getting enough food will be the focus of an event Friday in Moline. Western Illinois University will host the second annual Food Insecurity Conference.

Organizer Haley Dutmer says they may not be physically hungry, but an estimated 48 per cent of college students in the US have experienced food insecurity.

"To be food insecure is to lack access to an adequate amount of nutritious food. So there are lots of ways people can be lacking - maybe they can't afford the food, and maybe they're not able to have enough variety in their diet."

Or as she says, you're not starving, but you're not eating enough - possibly because there's no grocery store in your neighborhood and you don't have transportation.

About 90 people have registered to attend the conference, including students from Augustana College, Saint Ambrose University, and several others.

The conference on food insecurity will be held at the WIU-QC campus Friday from 10 am to 2:30 pm.