Augustana Unveils Blue, Gold, & Beautiful

Apr 13, 2018

After 12 years of major construction projects, Augustana College now wants to spend time and money on beautifying the campus in Rock Island. Friday it announced a 3 year campaign, called "Blue, Gold, and Beautiful," with a budget of up to one million dollars.

Executive Vice President, Kent Barnds, says how the campus looks is important for recruiting students, but also for alumni.

"Some research we did earlier this year demonstrated very clearly that campus beauty is one of the strong drivers of loyalty among out current students, alumni, and the parents of current students, as well as our employees. People love Augustana.s campus.

Chief Financial Officer, Kirk Anderson, says the improvement projects will include landscaping, sidewalks, stairways, and driveways - and these are "not glamorous but important."

Augustana employees are invited to suggest projects, and an employee committee will recommend which ones will be done.