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Reckonings and Reconstructions: Southern Photography Exhibition at Figge Art Museum

Through September 8th, the Figge Art Museum will have the "Reckoning and Reconstructions" exhibition from the Do Good Fund. The exhibition holds over a hundred photographs of southern photography featuring the everchanging life in the Southern part of the United States.

The photographs all follow five themes, land, labor, law and protest, food, ritual and kinship which are meant to reflect on the South's history of conflicting feelings. The images have been collected since WWI to show the reckonings of the past as well as the future reconstruction.

Vanessa Sage, Co-Senior Art Curator, says that the images are extremely personable. “So far we’ve had wonderful feedback from visitors saying that it really gives them new insight into life in the south and through the eyes of these photographers."

The exhibition has over sixty artists, all of different races, ethnicities, genders, and even from different locations. Each artist shows their perspective on what life is like in the South through photography. The exhibition includes work from renowned photographers such as Debbie Fleming Caffery, Rosalind Fox Soloman, Sheila Pree Bright, and more.

The exhibition comes from the Do Good Fund, which is a public charity founded in 2012. The Do Good Fund has over 800 images that are displayed in traditional and nontraditional venues. The goal is to make its collected images taken in the American South more accessible to the public.