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WVIK Programming FAQ

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Is WVIK changing formats?

Current WVIK is a mixed format station. We move back and forth from the News/Talk format and the Classical Music format three times a day, sometimes more on the weekends. WVIK has made the decision to separate the two formats, putting News/Talk onto our 90.3 FM and HD1 signal while launching a 24/7 Classical Music format on our HD2 signal. It is true we intend to change where and when you can hear our programming, but we will still be producing and broadcasting both the News/Talk format and the Classical Music format. What we are doing is separating the two formats which have traditionally been combined on our one signal. We are, in effect, doubling our service to the Quad Cities.

Will I be able to hear both stations where I live?

The coverage area of the HD1 and HD2 are identical. If you live outside of the Quad Cities metro, you may need to invest in an HD radio to receive HD2. HD radios are widely available online and being installed in more and more new cars all the time. You may already have one and not even realize it. If the time comes for this change and you are unable to get your hands on an HD radio, please let us know and we will help you with this process.

WVIK also understands that many listeners without HD radios might never discover our new service. This is why we have invested thousands of dollars into a second FM frequency right here in the Quad Cities. It is currently broadcasting from the Black Hawk College campus at 105.7 FM. However, when you check it out, keep in mind that this is a temporary situation. WVIK is currently exploring options for improving this signal. So even if you have difficulty with 105.7 FM right now, there is a good chance this will change before our programming changes.

Has Augustana College been subsidizing WVIK?

WVIK is a public service of Augustana College. Augustana supports WVIK is a wide variety of ways, but we do not receive any annual operational funds from the college. Prior to 2015, it was not uncommon for Augustana College to cover any deficits run by WVIK. This has not happened since 2015. As with many small local non-profits, WVIK has funds in reserve that grow or shrink based upon each year’s operational expenses and fundraising success. In the most recent two years, these reserves have actually grown, not shrunk. However, the overall trend is indeed downward, which is one of the factors contributing to this move. If we do nothing, the reserves very well may run out in the coming years. This move is increasing the chances of WVIK being here long into the future. This change is ultimately about preserving this beloved institution – both its classical music and its local news.

Is WVIK more committed to news than classical music?

WVIK remains as committed today to both local news and classical music in the Quad Cities as it was when it went on the air in 1980. One only has to look at the myriad of ongoing partnerships we have in the arts community, the on air broadcasts of local orchestras and music ensembles that have included the additions of QCSO chamber music concerts, the Quad Cities Wind Ensembles, and more; the expansions of interviews being brought on air during Mindy Heusel’s afternoon program Perspective; thousands of dollars in investment to our ever growing music library; and the launch of Carolyn Martin’s Talking Art podcast, also heard during Morning Edition. We don’t have plans to end any of these things, or our locally hosted classical music programs. In fact, we hope to become an even stronger advocate for the arts when we launch a 24/7 Classical Music station, not just playing locally hosted music, but sharing news about the entire arts community. The hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be spent on this new 24/7 music station as we build it will demonstrate our substantial commitment to classical music and the arts in the Quad Cities.

Is WVIK shrinking their staff size?

WVIK has two jobs currently posted and expects at least a couple more to be posted before summer. The number of outside contractors doing production work and hosting on air and online programs has also significantly increase over the past few years. WVIK has no plans to downsize at this time.

The two jobs currently posted are:

Director of Development (WVIK)

Director of Community Engagement (WVIK)