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Augustana Gamers Work with Health & Performance Consultant

Augustana College

Hoping to improve their performance when the new season begins next month, players for one of Augustana College's varsity sports are working with a consultant. A California-based human performance company, FITGMR (fit gamer), has developed a holistic health app for esports.

the Viking Esports Center at Augustana College
the Viking Esports Center at Augustana College

Vice President Matt Powell says gamers use the app to track what they eat, their sleep, and physical activity.

"So with traditional sports, they all understand the importance of nutrition, they understand the importance of working out, and having some mental conditioning. And that's what FITGMR does."


For nutrition, he recommends gamers reduce added sugar, eat fewer processed foods, stay hydrated, and limit caffeine.

And just as other athletes warm up for a game or match, FITGMR has developed a pre-game drill.

"Inside of our FITGMR App we have what we call a Quick Drill, and that's just a really quick movement, a physical movement that we have all of the players do. That way their heart rate gets up and their body temperature rises and they just start to have a little more mental acuity so that they can be more focused in the game."

Powell says his company first developed its app for professional gamers, and Augustana is one of the first colleges it's worked with.

Joe Loomis, Augustana's Director of Esports, says this health and wellness program will help his players become successful, not only in esports but also in the classroom and after graduation.

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