United Township School District

School children and the homeless will be the beneficiaries of some major grants. Wednesday, the Quad Cities Community Foundation awarded 100,000 dollar Transformation Grants - to the United Township and East Moline school districts, and to Humility Homes and Services.

Foundation Vice President Kelly Thompson says the two school districts will use their grant to begin the process to insure students have WIFI access in their homes.

Rising property values should bring in some new revenue for the United Township School District. Monday night the board of education will discuss a proposed tax levy for next year, with final approval set for next month.

Thanks to the voters, the United Township High School District will begin receiving some new revenue later this year. And planning is underway on how to spend proceeds from the local option sales tax.

UT High School

"Blessed," "elated," "thankful," and "excited" - that's how one superintendent feels after Rock Island County voters on Tuesday approved a sales tax increase for school facilities. It was the 4th time the proposed one per cent increase was on the ballot, and it passed 53 to 47 per cent, or by 44-hundred votes.

Thanks to the continuing budget fight between the governor and Illinois general assembly, it'll be another tight budget year for the United Township School District. Monday night the school board gave its final approval to a 20.8 million dollar budget for the coming year.

Superintendent Jay Morrow says because of low state funding for education, his  district will have to use reserve funds, again, to make up for a deficit of more than 2 million dollars.

At least one district in the Illinois Quad Cities will receive more state money for the coming school year than it expected. 

United Township Superintendent Jay Morrow says when the governor and General Assembly approved a new k-12 budget on June 30th, it included the 3 million dollars the district received last year, plus an additional 142,000 dollars. 

He says the extra money is tied to his district's "poverty count" - 60 per cent of UT students qualify for free or reduced price lunches. 

Taxes will probably go up next year for residents of the United Township School District. Monday night the school board will vote on next year's tax levy.

Superintendent Jay Morrow says the proposed levy is 9.1 million dollars, $460,000 or about 5 per cent higher than this year. And that would raise the property tax rate by 5 cents, to $1.93 per $100  assessed value.

Morrow says some of the increase is due to rising property values, about 2 per cent, in the U-T district. 

Even though the state budget is far from settled, the United Township school board is scheduled to take final action tonight on a new budget. 

UT High School Classes in Session on Veterans Day

Apr 14, 2015
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Students at United Township High School will no longer get to stay home on Veterans Day. Yesterday, the Board of Education decided next fall, students will learn about the holiday at school. Superintendent Jay Morrow says November 11th will now be a regular school day. But, the district is working with the East Moline American Legion, and others, to present a ceremony for students.  

Morrow says the Illinois school code requires recognition of Veterans Day. Next fall, United Township High School students will instead have November 25th off, instead of the 11th.

UT School District

After several months of interviews and meetings, the Silvis School Board has selected a new superintendent. Pending a formal vote Wednesday night, Terri Vandewiele will take over in July.

School board president, Kevin Rossmiller, says Doctor Vandewiele started her career in education 20 years ago teaching chemistry and science. And for the past 6 years she's served as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction at United Township High School in East Moline.