A bar graph shows changes in unemployment rates since August 2015 for the Market Statistical Areas in Iowa.
Source: Labor Market & Economic Research Bureau, Iowa Workforce Development / Iowa Workforce Development

The jobless rate rose in Iowa last month, and all its major cities lost jobs compared to last year. Statewide, Iowa Workforce Development says the unemployment rate was 4.2% percent, compared to 3.6% in August, 2015. The Iowa agency also says in August, 72,000 people were out of work and looking for jobs, 11,000 more than a year ago.

The unemployment rate dropped last month in eight of Illinois’ 14 metropolitan areas compared to June a year ago, but not in the Quad Cities. The Illinois Department of Employment Security says the local jobless rate was 5.6% last month compared to 5.3% a year earlier.

QC Unemployment Goes Up

Mar 17, 2016


The new year started with an increase in unemployment.

Unemployment continued to fall in the Quad Cities in July - from 6.3 per cent a year ago to 5.1 per cent last month.


Unemployment fell one full percentage point in the Quad Cities last month. In June, the unemployment rate fell from 6 to 5 percent from the previous year, to 97-hundred unemployed people.  Tom Austin, with the Illinois Department of Employment Security, says the decline is a result of fewer people actively seeking jobs. 

While the overall unemployment rate declined, Austin says there were job losses in some industries, including manufacturing, which lost 900 jobs. The educational-health service, professional-business services, and government sectors also lost jobs, while leisure-hospitality and retail report large gains. 

submitted / Illinois Department of Human Services

Twenty-five local companies will recruit new employees this week in Moline. The Quad Cities Corporate Partners and the Disability Employment Network will host the 22nd Annual Career Fair for People with Disabilities.

Unemployment has fallen again in the Quad Cities - from 7.4 per cent at this time a year ago, to 6 per cent in February. 

Unemployment dropped sharply in the Quad Cities in December. 

Unemployment in the Quad Cities fell again last month. The Illinois Department of Employment Security says the rate dropped from 6.6 per cent in November of last year, to 6 per cent last month. 

  Unemployment has fallen again in the Quad Cities. New figures from the state of Illinois show the rate fell from 7 per cent in September of last year, to 6.4 per cent last month.