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Senator Joni Ernst

Iowa US Senator Joni Ernst will be the featured speaker Tuesday night at the 9th Annual Ronald Reagan Dinner sponsored by the Scott County Republican Party. It's a major fundraiser for the party, and proceeds each year support local candidates and their campaigns.

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The republican leader in the Iowa Quad Cities is stepping down. Monday night the central committee of the Scott County Republican Party will choose a replacement for Judy Davidson who decided not to run for re-election as chair. 

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Since the election, republican party leaders in the Midwest have been answering a lot of questions about why so many people voted for Donald Trump.

On today's WVIK News Focus, Michelle O'Neill talks with three GOP officials, starting with the chair of the Iowa Republican Party.

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More than 100 republicans showed up to caucus at a middle school in Davenport last night. For many, it was their first caucus ever, and quite a few said they switched parties since the 2008 election.

High school students in Iowa will experience a caucus this week. The Scott County GOP will host the Iowa Youth Caucus on Saturday as part of a state-wide effort to get students more involved in politics.

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Immigration, the military, and religion--those were just some of the topics covered today by Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum. He answered questions at a public meeting this morning at the Scott County GOP office in Davenport.

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If elected president, Jeb Bush says he would "disrupt every aspect" of Washington DC. The Republican presidential candidate campaigned at the annual Scott County Ronald Reagan Dinner in Bettendorf tonight, and proposed a six-year ban on lobbying for former members of Congress. 

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If elected president, Mike Huckabee would push for a federal sales tax to replace taxes on income and productivity. That was part of the message from the former governor of Arkansas this morning at the Davenport Country Club. The Scott County GOP's Lincoln Club sponsored the breakfast campaign stop.

Jindal Comes to QC

Jul 10, 2015
Bobby Jindal

The next presidential candidate to campaign in the Quad Cities will be Bobby Jindal. The republican governor of Louisiana will host a spaghetti supper in Davenport on Sunday.

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It was standing room only for local residents who came to see GOP presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, in Davenport. This morning, the US Senator from Florida spoke at Scott County GOP headquarters in Paul Revere Square.