Scott County Board of Supervisors

submitted / Jazmin Newton

A Davenport attorney wants Scott County government to be more accessible and representative. On Thursday, Jazmin Newton announced she's running for the board of supervisors. 

Scott County Board of Supervisors

The Quad Cities may take a different approach to promoting transportation and trade on the Mississippi River.

Olathea Golf Course

Some land in eastern Scott County may soon be converted from a golf course into new homes. Thursday night the board of supervisors will hold a public hearing on plans for the Olathea Golf Course, along Highway 67 between LeClaire and Princeton.

Scott County

One of the newest members of the Scott County Board has become its leader. Tony Knobbe was elected chair last week during the board's organizational meeting for 2018. 

Sterilite Corporation

In Davenport, a new budget and help for a major new employer are in the works.

Sterilite Corporation

One week after Davenport announced a major plastics manufacturer wants to build a new plant in the city, Scott County is being asked to endorse the project. That's because the city wants to create a tif district for Sterilite Corporation in the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center.

For the first time in 15 years, Scott County will have a new sheriff. Tuesday morning, Tim Lane will be sworn in after winning the election in November, and take over from Dennis Conard.

Polls Open Tuesday

Nov 7, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been hogging the headlines, but there's more than just the presidential race to decide on Tuesday. Local residents can help determine who controls the US Senate and House, the Iowa and Illinois statehouses, and local county boards.

Following the theft of thousands of dollars by an employee, the Scott County Sheriff's Department has tightened its accounting procedures. Tuesday morning, the board of supervisors discussed how much of the loss will be covered by insurance, and how to make sure it won't happen again.

Sheriff Dennis Conard says the former employee, who stole more than 165,000 dollars over about 3 years, over-saw the jail commissary account and could manipulate the numbers to hide the theft.


Scott County will recover most of the money stolen by an employee of the sheriff's department, but not all. On Tuesday, the board of supervisors is scheduled to get an update on what insurance will cover, and what changes have been made to prevent another theft like this one.

Last year, it was discovered that someone stole more than 165,000 dollars, over a three- year period, and various reports mentioned the jail's former senior accounting clerk.