Scott County Auditor

Roxanna Moritz

Now serving her third term as Scott County Auditor, Roxanna Moritz would like to serve a fourth. This week, she announced plans to run again for the job she's held since 2008.

Municipal elections in Iowa are one day away, and the "WhereUVote" mobile app is here to help. The app assists voters in finding their polling locations and can also provide sample ballots to look over before going to the polls.

The totals are slightly different, but the overall results are the same, after a recount of votes from last week's mayoral primary election in Davenport. Tuesday a hand recount of the ballots ended, advancing Mike Matson and Rita Rawson to the general election next month.

A recount begins on Monday for one of the races from this week's city primary election in Davenport. Thursday afternoon the Scott County Board, first officially certified Tuesday's results, then approved a recount for the mayoral race. 

city of Davenport

Davenport will probably use a special election to fill a vacancy on the city council. Wednesday night aldermen will consider a resolution asking the Scott County Auditor to schedule an election, and a primary if necessary, as soon as possible.

Scott County Auditor's Office

Residents of Scott County now have more places where they can vote early. Monday, October 17, the county opened additional satellite locations, so residents can cast ballots in-person before November 8th. 

Credit Scott County

Thursday morning  is the first chance for residents of Iowa and Illinois to vote this fall. The early voting period runs through November 7th.

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New help is available for residents of Scott County who want to be prepared for next month's primary election. Now available on the auditor's office website is an "interactive sample ballot."

Elections supervisor, Richard Bauer, says all you have to do is plug in your name and birth date, and the software will find your correct ballot for June 7th. Voters can research their choices ahead of time, and then bring a list of their preferences to the polls.

With just a few races to be decided, only a few people bothered to turn out Tuesday for school board elections in Scott County. The auditor's office reports 36-hundred people cast ballots, or just 3 per cent of the more than 120,000 registered voters in the county.

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Scott County is trying to save money by cutting school board election costs. The Auditor's Office announced today voting times and staff will be reduced for Tuesday's election.