Rock River / Mapio

Two people died after a boat overturned on the Rock River Sunday afternoon. 

Rock River Rising

May 19, 2020
National Weather Service

Thanks to a lot of rain in recent days, the Rock River is rising.

Work has started to protect the Quad City International Airport from flooding and to keep birds away from the planes. 

National Weather Service

Minor flooding continues in the Quad Cities - Friday the Mississippi River is one foot above flood stage. It should hold near that level through the weekend, then begin to rise and by late next week reach two feet over flood stage.  

Moderate Flooding in QC

Mar 30, 2020

The Mississippi River is causing moderate flooding in the Quad Cities on Monday, and should crest tonight slightly higher, at nearly a foot and-a-half above flood stage. Then it should drop half a foot, slowly during the next week.

National Weather Service

The Mississippi River has reached flood stage in the Quad Cities, and will go up some more. But not as much as some recent forecasts had suggested.

Mississippi River in QC to Hold Steady

Oct 23, 2019
National Weather Service

After falling three quarters of a foot since Sunday, the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities is expected to hold at half a foot above flood stage into next week.

National Weather Service

Thanks to more rain in recent weeks, river levels around the Quad Cities are still above flood stage and not likely to fall much through next week.

River Levels Rising

Oct 2, 2019
National Weather Service

The predicted crest for the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities has been raised since Tuesday, but only by several tenths of a foot. The National Weather Service now says the river should rise from Wednesday's level of one foot below flood stage, and reach 2.3 feet over flood stage by Saturday. 

Rock River Rising

Sep 16, 2019

Heavy rain upstream is pushing up the level of the Rock River. Monday it's over flood stage at both Joslin and Moline, and is forecast to go up some more at both locations.