Rock Island School District

This week, residents of the Rock Island School District can help choose the next superintendent. Three open forums will be held for people to talk about "the qualities and characteristics" they think are most important.

Residents of the Rock Island School District can help find a new superintendent. The district has posted a survey on its website, asking for the background and abilities they value most.

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The Rock Island School District is asking business owners, parents, and community members to help create a strategic plan for the next three years. Tomorrow, school administrators will hold several focus group meetings.

Rock Island School District

Despite problems with the state, the schools in Rock Island are doing a good job educating their students. That was the message this week from Superintendent Mike Oberhaus during his annual State of the Schools Address to members of the Rock Island Kiwanis and Rotary clubs. 

Oberhaus says the schools are implementing new programs and adding new classes, even as the state budget crisis drags on and on. And doing it at a lower cost than many other districts in Illinois.

Just as the new school year gets started, the Rock Island school board is nearly finished preparing a budget. Tuesday night, the board gave its tentative approval to a 63.8 million dollar budget, with final approval in a month.

Chief Financial Officer, Bob Beckwith, says the one major change from last year is state aid - the governor has promised state aid for the coming year will be fully funded instead of being pro-rated as it was last year at 92 per cent.

When the new school year opens Wednesday in Rock Island, it'll be a busy day, not just for children and parents but also for the police department.

Deputy Chief Jason Foy says every year at this time his department has to work hard to re-educate everyone after several months off for summer vacation. Children have to be reminded to cross the street only in crosswalks, and drivers have to be reminded to look out for children, and to slow down in school zones. 

Rock Island School District

Even if there's no state funding for education, the Rock Island schools will open on schedule in August. That was the decision by the board of education this week as it considered the worst case scenario - no state funding in the coming year.

Work on next year's budget resumes Tuesday night for the Rock Island school board. Chief Financial Officer Bob Beckwith will present some preliminary figures but no major decisions will be made for a couple of weeks. 

Beckwith gave board members a brief look at the budget in October so they could set the tax levy for this year, but since then some changes have occurred - at that time he projected the deficit would be 2.1 million dollars.