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Hundreds of healthcare workers in the Quad Cities were vaccinated against COVID-19 today.

Healthcare workers were able to stay in the safety—and warmth—of their cars while receiving the Moderna vaccine. The Rock Island County Health Department organized the drive through clinic free of charge. Janet Hill of the health department says the response has been positive. 

Rock Island County will hold the its first drive-through COVID vaccination clinic Tuesday. It's only for health care workers and will be held at the Greater Quad City Auto Auction in Milan.

Nita Ludwig, Administrator of the county health department, says anyone getting the vaccine will have to show the appropriate identification. The next group eligible will be what's called "essential workers," that includes police, fire, teachers, bus drivers, day care workers, and employees of the Post Office.

(Update: 1/15/2021)

The number of COVID-19 deaths in the Quad Cities has reached 443, with 282 Rock Island County residents and 161 Scott County residents. The number of confirmed cases is now 26,836, with 11,583 in Rock Island County and 15,253 in Scott County.

In Rock Island County, 38 residents are in the hospital with the coronavirus infection. And in Scott County, there are 28.

Test positivity rates are dramatically lower compared to mid-November. See charts below for more details.  

The graph below shows trends over time of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the Quad Cities. Note the difference in recent decreases in Rock Island County deaths (red line) and Scott County deaths (black line).  

The image below is a simple line graph of COVID-19 cumulative cases. 

This graph shows both daily and cumulative COVID-19 deaths.   

Above is a view of Rock Island County and Illinois Region 2 seven-day rolling average test positivity rates (percentage). And below is a more limited view of Scott County seven-day moving average individual test positivity rates.     

The following graph shows monthly Quad Cities cases and deaths.

The next one shows Rock Island County cases and deaths reported during the first halves of the past four months.

The latest statistics about COVID-19 in Rock Island County long term care centers is shown below. The number of "open" cases is 992 over the last month. That's 77% of the total since the pandemic began (1,296).

Iowa does not provide similar data for Scott County. The Iowa DPH COVID-19 website currently shows one facility, Ridgecrest Village, has had 22 cases with 14 recoveries in the last two weeks. That means eight cases are "active" (similar to "open" in Illinois).  

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As of Sunday, the total number of Quad Cities COVID-19 cases is 26,302 (11,341 in Rock Island Co., 14,961 in Scott Co.) with 431 deaths (276 in Rock Island Co., 155 in Scott Co.).

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"Explosion," "unmanageable," and "raging" are a few of the words health officials use to describe the rapid spread of COVID-19 in the Quad Cities.

COVID Misconceptions

Oct 27, 2020

Even seven months after the first cases appeared in the Quad Cities, there are still many mis-conceptions about COVID-19. 

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The Quad Cities recorded its highest number of new, COVID-19 cases today at 211. The total number of cases during the pandemic has now reached 8,318. 


Public health officials in the Quad Cities are asking people to pull together as the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths rises.

QC COVID-19 Coalition / QC COVID-19 Coalition

Children and adults should plan ahead as they celebrate Halloween during the pandemic.

Nita Ludwig, from the Rock Island County Health Department, says COVID-19 risk can be reduced by taking a few precautions.

Moline High School will be closed for the next two weeks. Over the weekend, the district announced students will attend only virtual classes from Monday September 28 through Friday October 9 because of an increase in positive COVID-19 cases.


Illinois will offer free, COVID-19 testing later this week in the Quad Cities. From Thursday through Sunday, the drive-through site will be open from 9 am until 5 pm at the QCCA Expo Center in Rock Island.