Red Cross

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Workers from a federal agency will be on hand through early next month to help people impacted by flooding. Starting tomorrow, the US Small Business Administration will open four Disaster Loan Outreach Centers in Illinois. / Red Cross

A Davenport woman is in Orlando, Florida helping the Red Cross respond to Hurricane Dorian.

Sue Yoder volunteers as a Logistics Facilities Manager, finding buildings the agency can use, such as shelters, offices, warehouses, and Multi-Agency Resources Centers.

Usually, Yoder volunteers for two weeks at a time. She says the damage in southern and central Florida from Hurricane Dorian was limited. And today she's been helping organize the closing of shelters in the southern part of the state.

Flood Recovery Help

Jul 1, 2019

Now that the need for immediate help has mostly passed, two agencies are handling most of the assistance for flood victims.


Residents of Rock Island County hurt by Mississippi River flooding can get help this week. The Red Cross and the county's Emergency Management Agency will open a Flood Assistance Center in Carbon Cliff Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Help for QC Flood Victims

Apr 22, 2019

Water and cleanup supplies will be available this week for people affected by continued flooding along the Mississippi River. The Red Cross will hand them out at three locations: the Campbell's Island Fire Station in East Moline, the Pleasant Valley Fire Station in Bettendorf, and Davenport's Mobile Police Precinct at Utah and South Concord Street.

American Red Cross

As flooding continues on the Mississippi River, there's plenty of water, but you can't drink it. So the local Red Cross is helping out an East Moline neighborhood. 

Water for Flood Victims

Apr 9, 2019

Major flooding by the Mississippi River this spring is keeping the Red Cross busy. So far, it's been handing out water to flood victims, and soon it'll have clean-up kits available.

With the Mississippi River at high levels, and still rising, safe drinking water is becoming a serious problem for people living along the river. Thursday the Red Cross announced it would distribute water to residents of Pleasant Valley, next it'll hand out water to people who live on Campbell's Island in East Moline.

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Red Cross volunteers continue to help people in Davenport whose homes were flooded during last night's storms.

Today, the local chapter's emergency response vehicle traveled to apartment complexes where first floor units were flooded.

Deere and Company will help re-build homes for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Friday it announced a donation of one million dollars for Habitat Hammers Back, a division of Habitat for Humanity that focuses on long-term recovery.