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Scott County Housing Council

An organization that funds affordable housing in the Quad Cities has chosen a new director. At the end of the year, Scott County Housing Council executive director Rick Schloemer will retire, and taking his place will be Leslie Kilgannon - now director of Quad Cities Interfaith.

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At a time where religion is often viewed as more divisive than ever, one organization is celebrating 30 years of bringing different faiths together. On Sunday, Quad Cities Interfaith, or QCI, will celebrate its 30th Anniversary.

Scott County Judge, Mark Smith, will oversee the mental health court.
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Scott County now has a mental health court, thanks to support from several organizations . This morning, the Quad Cities Interfaith Restorative Justice Task Force announced it's a one year demonstration project that will begin immediately.

Quad Cities Interfaith

"Institutional and structural racism undermines good people and good intentions." That's according to Reverend Clark Olson Smith, and other faith leaders in the Quad Cities, who announced yesterday they're joining together to help end racial inequality in law enforcement.

Smith is a pastor at All Saints Lutheran Church in Davenport, and the Caucus Chair for Quad Cities Interfaith, which has formed a coalition of 33 clergy and faith leaders from different religions. Yesterday, they sent a statement to local police departments, naming specific ways to fix racial profiling.  

Smith says the Faith Leaders Caucus is focusing on five things: prioritizing community policing, ending racial profiling, requiring racial bias training, recruiting officers of color, and creating independent civilian boards, to review complaints about police conduct. 

Assembly for Civil Rights

Hoping to influence the campaign for president, an immigration reform group from Minnesota is traveling across Iowa this week. And one of the stops by the Assembly for Civil Rights will be in Davenport Thursday.


Major construction projects have started in the Quad Cities, which means more jobs for skilled workers. A new program at Black Hawk College is equipping local residents with the tools they'll need to join the next generation of construction workers.

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