Quad Cities

Thanks to the pandemic, unemployment in the Quad Cities has reached the highest April level in nearly 40 years. Our jobless rate hit 15.2 per cent last month - reaching a level last seen here during the farm crisis in the early 1980's (1983).

National Weather Service

Two weeks after it crested in the Quad Cities, the Mississippi River has finally fallen below flood stage. The National Weather Service says Thursday morning it measured two-tenths of a foot below flood stage, and it will continue to fall. 

National Weather Service

After cresting last weekend in the Quad Cities and Muscatine, the Mississippi River continues to fall.

National Weather Service

Moderate flooding is occurring along the Mississippi River from Dubuque to Burlington.

National Weather Service

Minor flooding continues in the Quad Cities - Friday the Mississippi River is one foot above flood stage. It should hold near that level through the weekend, then begin to rise and by late next week reach two feet over flood stage.  

National Weather Service

The Mississippi River has reached flood stage in the Quad Cities, and will go up some more. But not as much as some recent forecasts had suggested.

Illinois and the Quad Cities have a lot riding on next year’s census. That was the message Friday in Rock Island from a panel of leaders from education and social service agencies.

A group dedicated to fighting discrimination, hatred, and injustice, will try to recruit young people this weekend. One Human Family will hold an event Saturday for teenagers called "Raise Your Voice ! Change the World."

Scott County Board of Supervisors

The Quad Cities may take a different approach to promoting transportation and trade on the Mississippi River.

Unemployment held steady in the Quad Cities last month at 3.9 per cent, the same rate as in July a year ago.