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Rock Island County leaders are looking for ways to save money as they prepare next year's budget. 


Opponents of raising property taxes turned out in force Tuesday night to tell the Rock Island County board "no." Ahead of a vote on next year's tax levy, they urged board members to find other alternatives to raising taxes.

Property taxes probably won't change much for residents of the Carl Sandburg College district. Trustees have tentatively approved a tax rate for next year that's about one-tenth of a cent less than this year.

Moline School Levy Lower

Dec 12, 2018

Property owners in the Moline School District will probably not pay higher taxes next year. This week, the school board gave its final approval to the 2019 tax levy.

Property taxes will go up next year for residents of Rock Island County. Tuesday night, the county board approved a new budget, including an increase of 11.9 per cent in property taxes.

QC-Times 'Big Story': Impact Of Property Tax Breaks

Apr 14, 2017
In 2013, Iowa governor Terry Branstad got bipartisan support in the legislature to reform the state's property taxes.
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Quad-City Times reporter Ed Tibbetts looks at Iowa's property tax breaks for businesses, and whether the breaks truly resulted in new jobs; as advertised.

Normally when I report on Illinois school funding, the story involves some task force or legislation trying to make our system more equitable. I always mention that's because Illinois relies on property taxes to fund schools, so schools in prosperous places have every amenity while schools in areas with low property values are out of luck. Today, though, I'm reporting on something entirely different — a whole separate method Illinois uses to make school funding inequitable.

Chart comparing this year's Davenport budget to the proposed FY 2017 budget
submitted / City of Davenport

Next year, Davenport residents may pay more for sewers, garbage, and water. At the same time, the city does not plan to raise taxes. / Cook County Treasurer

On Cook County property tax bills, property owners can not only see where their taxes go, but also the total debt each government owes. Treasurer Maria Pappas says property taxpayers are "on the hook" for all the debt accumulated by cities, counties, school districts, and other taxing bodies.

Cook County property owners can use tax bills to track how much debt is from local governments. The categories include money owed by your taxing districts, pension and healthcare amounts promised by your taxing districts, amount of pension and healthcare shortage, percentage of pension, and healthcare costs taxing districts can pay.