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While we wait for the next winter storm, the city of Davenport wants to remind residents about its snow plan, and to be patient if it takes a while to plow their street. / Sasaki

People affected by last year's record flood in Davenport are invited to tell the city about their experiences, and what they think about flood protection. 

City of Davenport

After months of free rides, Davenport CitiBus and Bettendrof Transit will resume fare collection on Monday, Aug. 3.


Taking advantage of some dry weather, crews from the city of Davenport, have finished building a temporary floodwall along River Drive between Pershing and Iowa streets. The Mississippi River is now forecast to crest Friday, at the 17.9 foot level which is 2.9 feet above flood stage.

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Most local governments in the Quad Cities are waiting for checks from FEMA to help pay for flood expenses.

Because Davenport's application is more complicated, employees continue to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to document and apply for Public Assistance.

Michelle O'Neill reports presidential disaster declarations for Illinois and Iowa insure cities and counties will get at least some help paying the bills.

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Following this year's record-setting flood, a study will soon begin on how to protect Davenport's Water Pollution Control Plant. An engineering firm has been hired to develop plans and cost estimates.

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The temporary levee in downtown Davenport has been breached. Around 3:50 pm, the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities issued a flash flood warning for Scott County, and it's in effect until 9:45 pm.


For the fourth time this year, the Mississippi River has reached flood stage in the Quad Cities. And it's the second time Davenport has had to close River Drive and put up a temperary floodwall.

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Once again, Davenport has filled an important job opening with a current employee. 

Davenport May Hire Private Firm to Enforce Parking

May 11, 2016
Credit City of Davenport

Someone new could be writing parking tickets soon in downtown Davenport. Wednesday night, the city council will consider hiring Per Mar Security Services to enforce parking rules downtown.

Nicole Gleason, with Public Works, says Davenport usually has one city employee to enforce rules, such as the two-hour parking limit and handicapped zones. But that employee left the job last winter, and Per Mar has been providing the service ever since.

The city is considering a three-year contract for $67,000 a year. That would pay for two employees to do the job.