Neal Anderson

State Senator Neil Anderson

Once again Neil Anderson is trying to eliminate Illinois' FOID card. The state senator from the Quad Cities has introduced his bill because he thinks the firearm owners identification card is unnecessary, and is just a costly burden for the Illinois State Police.

Transportation for Illinois Coalition

Illinois legislators usually get nothing but grief when they raise taxes, but this summer a group is touring the state to say "thanks" for raising the gas tax. Wednesday the Transportation for Illinois Coalition visited the Quad Cities to recognize two members of the General Assembly who voted "yes."


A recent retiree from the East Moline state prison has decided to run for the Illinois Senate. Thursday Gregg Johnson from East Moline announced his candidacy for the democratic nomination in the 36th District.

WVIK News / WVIK News

To fix its broken state government, Illinois needs term limits for members of the General Assembly, and fairly drawn district maps so both parties have a chance to win. That's according to a republican lawmaker and two candidates for the state house who held a news conference in Moline Wednesday.

State Senator Neal Anderson, from Rock Island, hopes both can be voted on and passed, during the veto session this fall. 

Now serving his first term in the Illinois Senate, Anderson has promised to serve only two terms.

Faced with the prospect of major cuts in state funding, the Arc of the Quad Cities is lobbying members of the Illinois General Assembly. Today it hosted Rock Island state senator Neil Anderson to learn about its Respite Program in Moline.