National Weather Service

Temperatures and precipitation were about normal in the Quad Cities and Dubuque last month. The National Weather Service says the average temperature in Moline was 75 degrees - about half a degree below normal - while Dubuque averaged 71 1/2 degrees - also about half a degree below normal. 

Mississippi River Rising

May 1, 2018
National Weather Service

The Mississippi River is rising and should reach flood stage, from Dubuque to the Quad Cities, this weekend.

Benjamin Payne / WVIK

WVIK's Benjamin Payne reports on Monday's official opening of the new Quad Cities field office of the National Weather Service, located next to the Davenport Municipal Airport: / Quad Cities National Weather Service

The last two weeks of February were rainy, and that's changed the spring flood outlook.

River Levels Rising

Feb 20, 2018
National Weather Service

As the rain continues, the rivers near the Quad Cities continue to rise.

Dangerous Winter Weather

Jan 15, 2018

The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for the WVIK listening area until noon on Tuesday. Cold air moving into our region following last night's storm system will lead to bitterly cold wind chills through Tuesday morning.

River Levels Falling

Jul 26, 2017
National Weather Service

Both the Rock and Mississippi Rivers have crested in the Quad Cities, and started to fall. 

Mississippi River Flooding Covers Parts Of Davenport

May 29, 2017

Thanks to heavy rain upstream in recent weeks, there is minor to moderate flooding along the Mississippi River.

National Weather Service

The Mississippi River is rising, and will hold at, or near, flood stage through the weekend.

Illinois Emergency Management Agency

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is holding its annual meetings with local officials to prepare for possible flooding this spring. Meetings will be held Thursday in Savanna and the Quad Cities.