National Weather Service

Minor flooding continues in the Quad Cities - Friday the Mississippi River is one foot above flood stage. It should hold near that level through the weekend, then begin to rise and by late next week reach two feet over flood stage.  

Quad Cities Bicycle Club

The latest casualties of the pandemic are the bicycle races held in southeast Iowa each year during the Memorial Day weekend. 

The cost of living in Muscatine will probably change very little next year, thanks to small increases in property values and a stable tax rate. As the city council discusses next year's budget, city staff is recommending no change in the tax rate - for the 9th year in a row.

City of Muscatine

A funeral service for a former mayor of Muscatine will be held on Monday. Dick O'Brien, who was the longest serving mayor ever for the city, died on Wednesday. He was 93.

City of Muscatine

Hoping to re-develop one of its major streets, Muscatine is preparing to finalize plans for Grandview Avenue. The last of several public meetings about the project was held Tuesday night with construction scheduled to start in the spring.


Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer says the US economy may look strong, but it really isn't. And by pointing out its many weaknesses and inequities, Democrats can beat Donald Trump next year. 

You won't have to go far to find a Democratic presidential candidate this weekend. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, John Delany, and Tom Steyer all plan to visit eastern Iowa.

Stanley Center for Peace and Security

Sixty three years after it was founded, the Stanley Foundation in Muscatine has changed its name. It’s now called the Stanley Center for Peace and Security. 

National Weather Service

Thanks to more rain in recent weeks, river levels around the Quad Cities are still above flood stage and not likely to fall much through next week.

City of Muscatine

Muscatine residents need more options for recycling cardboard. But Collin Schopp reports after one solution was abused, the city is going back to the drawing board.