Lisa Madigan

State of Illinois

On Midwest Week, three years after the first deaths were reported from Legionnaire's Disease, the state of Illinois is still trying to figure out what to do at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy.

Residents of Illinois should soon start paying less for their electricity and natural gas. The Illinois Commerce Commission, which regulates public utilities, has ordered 22 companies to reduce their rates or show why they shouldn't have to.

Raoul Campaigns in QC

Jan 4, 2018
Kwame Raoul

Two months before the primary, one of the democratic candidates for Illinois Attorney General is visiting the Quad Cities. 

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Now that the dust has settled, what will be the impact of the Future Energy Jobs Bill - the bill that'll keep the Cordova nuclear plant open.

A new bill in Illinois could help sexual assault victims have their day in court. This week, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the Joint Sexual Assault Working Group introduced the bill to require that every police department train officers to handle sex assault cases.

Illinois State Senator Scott Bennett says the goal is for all full and part time officers receive to be trained at least every three years. 

911 operators would also be trained within four years on how to deal with reports of sexual assault. And victims would have the right to check the status of rape kits.

Villas at College Hill

Mar 24, 2015
WVIK Staff

City officials hope the completion of three new homes in Rock Island will encourage more construction. This afternoon, a ribbon cutting was held at the Villas at College Hill, across 30th Street from Augustana College.