DeWitt Library

Some residents of Clinton County will be asked to help pay for the expansion of their library. Polls will be open on Tuesday in DeWitt for the 3.5 million dollar library improvement referendum.

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After having coffee and conversations with patrons, the Rock Island Library wants them to help create a new, four-year strategic plan. This week, the library will host two public meetings to hear more about what residents want and how to accomplish those goals.

UT High School Addition

Jun 25, 2018

Work has begun on a major addition to United Township High School in East Moline. Monday afternoon, ground was broken for the 9.6 million dollar project to build a new library, student commons area, and a secure front entrance.

submitted / Dubuque Carnegie-Stout Public Library

Library patrons are demanding more and more from their libraries, and the Dubuque Carnegie Stout library is responding. It's raised enough money to start renovating part of the second floor into a Maker Space.

Director, Susan Henricks, says the library already has lots of equipment for patrons to use, but it's usually in storage. The list includes iPads, MacBooks, robots, 3-D printers, and electric circuit kits.

Libraries have always been in the book business, but Henricks says they've been flexible and expanded to include other materials.

Aerial view of the east entrance of the Bettendorf library / Bing Maps

Black Hawk College


Students at Black Hawk College are writing papers and checking out books from a new library. Today, the college held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Quad Cities Campus Library and Teaching/Learning Center. Renovations began in May and finished in August, just before classes started.

Ashton Trimble, director of Library Services, says the library has a new interior design, including a new elevator, carpet, sound panels, and energy efficient windows.