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It's difficult to know what shareholders thought about Deere and Company's first, virtual annual meeting. But they're probably satisfied with record, first quarter earnings and an 18% increase in the dividend. / Deere & Company

Pandemic - what Pandemic ! Despite the coronavirus John Deere has just finished one of the best quarters ever, reporting Friday the highest net income in company history, $1.2 billion.

Spokeswoman Jen Hartmann says during November, December, and January, sales jumped 19 per cent and net income more than doubled.

"Our customers and the industries we serve have really kept cranking. Market conditions have gotten better for one thing, crop prices have risen strongly, and construction activity has picked up."

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Despite a worldwide pandemic and recession, Deere and Company is still making money.

Michelle O’Neill reports.

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John Deere is making changes to meet customer needs and do it faster.

Michelle O'Neill reports today, the company announced it's re-structuring and implementing a new operating model.