Iowa Utilities Board

Customers of MidAmerican Energy in Iowa will get a break on their monthly bills next year, thanks to the legislature and governor.

Thanks to tax reform, utility bills will start going down soon. MidAmerican Energy says bills will be lowered for its Illinois customers starting in April, and probably for Iowa customers in May.

Iowa homeowners and renters who have past due energy bills can avoid having their service cut off. 

The cost of water is going up for residents and businesses in eastern Iowa. Monday, the Iowa Utilities Board approved a rate hike of 10.4 per cent for the Iowa-American Water Company. 

Dean Hochman / Flickr

A possible increase in the cost of water will be the topic for public meetings - Monday in Bettendorf and Tuesday in Clinton. 

The cost of living in the Iowa Quad Cities and Clinton will go up soon. Friday the Iowa American Water Company announced it's filed for a rate increase of about 5 dollars per month, or 15 per cent, and will implement an interim increase of 2-dollars and 33-cents, or 7 per cent, on May 9th.

This week, the Illinois Commerce Commission defended its decision to grant a Texas-based company status as a public utility. On Tuesday, a lawyer representing Commonwealth Edison, farmers, and landowners was the first to speak during oral arguments before the Third District Appellate Court, followed by lawyers for the commission and Rock Island Clean Line.

The company must also obtain public utility status from the Iowa Utilities Board, before it can build a high voltage power line from northwestern Iowa to northeastern Illinois.