Iowa Attorney General

Iowa Attorney General

A telemarketing firm based in the Quad Cities can no longer do business, and must pay a large fine. That was the ruling this week from a judge in Des Moines in the case of Alphonso Barnum of Davenport, members of his family, other associates, and 10 companies.

Judge Closes QC Firms

Jul 30, 2019
Iowa Attorney General

After many months of trying, the Iowa Attorney General may finally have been able to close down a Quad Cities-based advertising business. On Monday, a judge in Des Moines approved a temporary injunction against Alphonso Barnum of Davenport, some associates, and 10 companies. / Iowa Attorney General

Hundreds of boxes. Millions of records. From Michigan to New Mexico this month, attorneys general are sifting through files on clergy sex abuse, seized through search warrants and subpoenas at dozens of archdioceses. 

They're looking to prosecute, and not just priests.

If the boxes lining the hallways of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's offices contain enough evidence, she said, she is considering using state racketeering laws usually reserved for organized crime.

Prosecutors in Michigan are even volunteering on weekends to get through all the documents as quickly as possible. / Catholic Messenger

Fifteen years ago, the Catholic Diocese of Davenport paid victims $9 million to settle 37 claims of sexual abuse of children by priests.

Then this week, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller announced all four of the state's dioceses have been asked to send him information about clergy sexual abuse.

The office also set up a special hotline and website for people to report abuse.

Iowa Attorney General

A lawsuit in December didn't stop them, so the Iowa attorney general has gone back to court, trying to close down some Quad Cities businesses. They're suspected of cheating small businesses across the country.