Interstate 80

The Interstate 80 bridge that connects the Illinois and Iowa Quad Cities is due to be replaced. Local environmental activists have talked with the Illinois Department of Transportation to turn the bridge into a National Park. 


Last year, the Illinois DOT began preliminary planning to build a new bridge between LeClaire, Iowa and Rapids City, Illinois. 

Illinois State Police

For the second time in just a few days, police are asking for help in solving the long-ago disappearance of a young woman. Friday was the 24th anniversary of the disappearance of 11 year old Trudy Appleby, and Sunday was the 28th anniversary of when 21 year old Tammy Zywicki was last seen. / Illinois DOT

The Illinois and Iowa departments of transportation are trying to decide whether to build a new I-80 bridge between LeClaire and Rapids City.

And Michelle O'Neill reports they want to know what you think.

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Illinois and Iowa will work with four other states to study the availability of “alternative fuel” along Interstate 80.

They’ve received a federal grant, and will each contribute some of their own money, to figure out where electric vehicles can be charged and where compressed natural gas is available.

Herb Trix reports. 

A section of Interstate 80 in western Illinois was closed for nearly 12 hours Wednesday, one of the busiest travel days of the year. 

Iowa 80 Truckstop

The world's largest truck stop is remodeling and expanding. The Iowa 80 Truckstop, at Walcott along I-80 in eastern Iowa, has started a 10 million dollar project to expand the food court and add more retail space.

I-80 Study Begins

Jan 25, 2016
Ia Dept of Transportation

Would you like to help re-build Interstate 80 ? The Iowa Department of Transportation is starting a long-term study of possible improvements from Council Bluffs to the Quad Cities, and a key component will be public participation.

Transportation Engineering Specialist, Wes Mayberry, says their goal is to make to 50 to 60 year old highway safer, and able to carry more traffic.

Along the busiest stretch, from Iowa City to Davenport, it now carries an average of 35,000 vehicles per day, and will reach an estimated 53,000 by 2040. 

People who sign up will soon begin receiving memos from the DOT, and asked to comment.

You can sign up by going to the Iowa DOT website and looking for the "I-80 Planning Study."

Mayberry says it's way too early to know the cost of rebuilding the interstate, and when any future projects will start.