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Worried about the future of one of this area's largest employers, and taxpayers, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce has started a social media campaign. It's set up a Facebook page for people to show their support for Exelon and the Cordova nuclear plant.

As Illinois college students wait for MAP grants, another local college is telling its students to rest easy. Yesterday, Monmouth College announced it will not hold students responsible for the lack of Monetary Assistance Program funding. 

Instead, the college plans to list any MAP grant charges to student accounts as "pending" for the rest of this school year. President Clarence Wyatt says that will continue during next school year if the program remains un-funded. 

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Leaders of one local district are trying to build public support for a major change in how schools are funded in Illinois. 

East Moline superintendent Kristin Humphries says currently state aid is based solely on the number of students in a district, but that ignores the very different needs of different types of students.

Illinois is currently pro-rating state aid at 92 per cent of the current per-pupil level. And Humphries says that's costing the East Moline schools more than 400 dollars per student, or a total of 1.1 million dollars a year. 

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Tourism promotion in the Quad Cities and across Illinois will resume early next year. This week, the governor signed a compromise funding bill from the General Assembly that will allow the state to start sending out grants to groups like the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau.

President and ceo, Joe Taylor, says the bureau usually receives about 18,000 dollars a month from the state, or 220,000 dollars per year. But those payments stopped in July when the long, budget impasse began. 

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Nearly four months and counting - that's how long it's been since Illinois' new fiscal year began and there's still no state budget.

On Midwest Week, Herb Trix's guest is Brian Mackey, statehouse reporter in Springfield for Illinois Public Radio.

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One day after Pat Verschoore announced his retirement from the Illinois House, another democrat has stepped forward to take his place. Today Moline attorney Jeff Jacobs announced his candidacy for state representative from the 72nd District.

Verschoore, from Milan, has represented the district for 12 years, and will retire at the end of next year (2016).

Pat Verschoore

A member of the Illinois General Assembly from the Quad Cities has decided not to run for re-election next year. Today, state representative Pat Verschoore of Milan announced his retirement.

The impasse over Illinois' state budget goes on and on, and so far there's no end in sight. 

The Moline School District has won the latest round in a dispute over property taxes with Elliott Aviation. Wednesday the Third District Appellate Court in Ottawa ruled a law exempting the company from paying property taxes is unconstitutional. 

Brian Mackey - Ill. Pub. Radio

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ Governor Bruce Rauner says a partial state government shutdown is worth the pain if it brings fundamental change to business and politics in Illinois.