Illinois General Assembly

Pat Verschoore

A member of the Illinois General Assembly from the Quad Cities has decided not to run for re-election next year. Today, state representative Pat Verschoore of Milan announced his retirement.

The impasse over Illinois' state budget goes on and on, and so far there's no end in sight. 

The Moline School District has won the latest round in a dispute over property taxes with Elliott Aviation. Wednesday the Third District Appellate Court in Ottawa ruled a law exempting the company from paying property taxes is unconstitutional. 

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ Governor Bruce Rauner says a partial state government shutdown is worth the pain if it brings fundamental change to business and politics in Illinois.  

Standoff in Springfield

Jun 5, 2015
Illinois Public Radio

The spring session of the Illinois General Assembly was supposed to end last weekend, but now it looks like it could drag on, well into the summer.

The lobbyists will be younger than usual in Springfield on Wednesday. This year's Student Lobby Day will include students from Augustana, and 17 other private colleges around the state.

Rauner's First Budget

Feb 20, 2015
Illinois Public Radio

This week, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner presented his first budget to the General Assembly. 

A state legislator from northwestern Illinois will play a key role in the General Assembly's minimum wage debate. In the state House, Representative Mike Smiddy from Hillsdale is one of two lead sponsors of the bill - it would raise wage from the current 8-25 per hour to 11 dollars in 2019.

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After a one-day special session of the legislature, Illinois is preparing to inaugurate its first republican governor in about 15 years.

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This week on Midwest Week, a look at the Illinois General Assembly's fall veto session - what was accomplished and what was put off until next year, or later.