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Despite Thursday's approval of a state budget for Illinois, not every sector of state spending is finalized. And that includes elementary and secondary education.


One of the many people pleased with Thursday's passage of a new state budget is Jack Thomas. The president of Western Illinois University has spent the last three years lobbying in Springfield for higher education funding, and figuring out ways to cut spending on the campuses in Macomb and the Quad Cities.

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) - Members of the Illinois House will take up the governor's veto of a budget package on Thursday. 

Ill. Gen. Assembly - Barbara Wheeler


Time is running out for the governor of Illinois and the legislature to break a two-year deadlock, and agree on a state budget.

Residents of two western Illinois school districts will make an important decision next week - whether to combine the Alwood and Cambridge districts. The consolidation vote on Tuesday follows more than a year of study and meetings, and years of working together in sports and other areas.

Illinois Secretary of State

Is there hope for an end to Illinois' long budget impasse ? Can the so-called "grand bargain" end two years of bickering between the governor and leaders of the General Assembly ?

As Illinois enters its 21st month without a real budget, several questions occupy observers of state government: Is the state Senate's "grand bargain" dead? If so, who killed it? Where do we go from here? And has anyone heard from the Illinois House of Representatives?

A tuition hike and layoffs will be considered Thursday night by trustees of Black Hawk College. Last month, college president Bettie Truitt announced the elimination of 17 jobs, saying that would help keep tuition at an affordable level.

Illinois Governor's Office

Following the governor's budget message on Wednesday, is there any hope for an end to the long state budget impasse in Illinois ?

Tony McCombie writes a note on her first bill.
Tony McCombie / submitted

Tony McCombie has introduced her first bill in the Illinois House.

If it passes, the measure would help small municipalities during the budget impasse.