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A number of factors will determine whether Chad Pregracke's Bison Bridge proposal becomes a reality.

The main one is the I-80 Mississippi River Bridge Planning Study.

Michelle O'Neill reports.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Crews have started getting ready for a three-year project on the Interstate-280 bridge. This year, the Illinois Department of Transportation says the Iowa-bound lanes will be closed to replace the concrete bridge deck. Michelle O'Neill reports.

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Crews have completed pouring concrete for the new, Iowa-bound, I-74 bridge deck.

Jay Pearce reports huge sections of the Illinois-bound bridge arch are going up a lot faster, compared to the other side last year. / Illinois DOT

The Illinois and Iowa departments of transportation are trying to decide whether to build a new I-80 bridge between LeClaire and Rapids City.

And Michelle O'Neill reports they want to know what you think.

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As the I-74 Bridge Project continues, the Illinois DOT will change a few traffic patterns in Moline. / I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project website

Flooding on the Mississippi River is causing another delay in building the new, I-74 bridge.

Michelle O'Neill reports Iowa DOT Planner Sam Shea says the contractor is doing the best it can to catch up and keep workers safe. / I-74 River Bridge website

Drivers may want to avoid using Moline's River Drive at I-74 for the next couple of months.

Michelle O'Neill reports, starting Tuesday, the Illinois DOT will close the eastbound off-ramp.

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Construction on Illinois Highway 84 in Port Byron may give drivers headaches for nearly two months. The Illinois Department of Transportation says starting Monday, the road will be closed to through traffic from Polk Street to Lynn Street.

"Be patient." That was the message Wednesday from the Illinois Department of Transportation for local residents wondering when passenger rail service to Chicago will start. 

Work on John Deere Road is set to begin again, and the first sign will be a detour next week. On Monday, the Illinois Department of Transportation will close the I-74 ramp to go east on John Deere Road. Then, within the next two weeks, traffic will be moved to the new lanes of John Deere Road.