Illinois 17th Congressional District

Schilling for Congress

He's a familiar face in politics but now he lives in a different state. On Monday, former Illinois Congressman Bobby Schilling announced his candidacy for Iowa's Second District seat in Congress. 

Office of Cheri Bustos

A vote of confidence for Illinois 17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos by her fellow Democrats in the US House: Thursday they chose her to serve as Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - that means it'll be her job to defend and expand her party's new House majority in the 2020 election. 

Fawell for Congress / website

Un-opposed in Tuesday's GOP primary, Bill Fawell is preparing to start his campaign for congress in earnest next month. From Galena, he'll run against democratic incumbent Cheri Bustos in Illinois' 17th District.

Hoping to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, members of Congress have introduced a bill that would allow victims to take their cases to court.

Cheri Bustos

Following her overwhelming re-election in a district won by Donald Trump, Democrats in the US House have promoted Cheri Bustos to a job in leadership. Monday night, they elected the congresswoman from East Moline to be one of three co-chairs of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.

Voters often complain about not having any choices between candidates. But there is at least one race with very different candidates to choose from - that's in Illinois' 17th congressional district between Cheri Bustos from East Moline and Patrick Harlan of Galesburg.

WVIK Staff

Nationally, women make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes, but in Illinois' 17th congressional district, they only make 72 cents. That's the message from Representative Cheri Bustos and Augustana College students today.

They held a "Gender Wage Gap Bake Sale," and women were charged 72 cents for a cookie or brownie while men were charged a dollar.Bustos says congress needs to address its current laws that are anti-family. 

And she says it's especially important to raise awareness of the gender wage gap on college campuses like Augustana.


Bustos is a co-sponsor of a bill, which would help eliminate pay discrimination and prevent retaliation when workers share how much they make.

Jack Boccarossa and Patrick Harlan

        One of the key races for Illinois republicans in the March 15th primary will be for Congress in the 17th District.        Herb Trix reports.

The Illinois primary will be held next Tuesday.